Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fellow Groaner

Seems a lot of spiritual groaning has been going on these days. My buddy, Heath from TX, recently posted to his blog, (after a long absence). So many thoughts parallel my own these days. He writes. He muses over his own current struggles with Spirit. How he has an amazing spiritual moment and then it elusively turns to confusion. He writes.
"The world is overflowing with sadness"
- Rei, End of Evangelion

Where does that leave us? Some of us hold onto a thread of hope that Christ will return soon enough, and all of the pain and heartache of life will be tossed into the wind and they'll lose themselves in that sacred union, and their Lover will never, ever leave them again. Others give up all together. They shrug the experience off, finding rational explanations for the love that they felt in that brief moment, blaming it on chemical reactions or their brain's own attempt to fufill it's deeply ingrained psychological need for connection and understanding. Others become callous, jaded ex-lovers, choking back tears and covering up their hurt with anger and bitterness at the sound of an old hymn, or the sight of a group of naive church kids still capable of believing some God in the sky is in control of everything, and loves them so very much.

Others hold onto that holy suffering. Their groans are the purest of prayers, and their deeply ingrained wounds are cherished reminders of that devastating encounter.
Read A Cruel Divorce


At 9:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Your friend sure can blog. Not as well as you, my friend, but he definitely makes some good points. I should leave a comment for him, too, huh?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, and Kevin says hi.

Peace out,



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